February 10, 2021

Be shameless. Olympian tricks to perform like elite athletes with Sofia Beloka.

“The more shameless you are, the more authentic you can become, the more you can pursue that mastery and that gold performance and maintain it”.

What is the magical ingredient to achieve the energetic balance for extreme performance? What gets an Olympic athlete from a silver to gold medal? Is there a way to get re-motivated once you hit the rock bottom? Can shame deep down block your energy? 

Search no more! In part one of this Shameless series, Sofia Beloka guides us through the back door of peak performance, sharing insights of her 20+ years long career of researching and coaching top athletes and business executives. You will hear how they think of failure, juggling priorities, resisting distraction and getting back in the flow. Sofia unravels secret tricks for energy mastery and achieving top performance mindset:

  • How to keep on pushing, be persistent and self disciplined when the world seems to be closing on you.
  • What can we learn from Olympic athletes and their approach to failure and performance.  
  • What is the role of shame as a performance saboteur and whether we should become shameless.  
  • Sneak-peak into the training strategies of paralympians - how accidents, and our response to what life brings, materialize in the world of elite performers. 


Soon you’ll have a chance to tune into the second part of the series so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! We dive into the secrets of our everyday performance as business and community leaders - where the mainstream notion of success and failure is way more complicated than in the world of sports! Sofia guides us through strategies to transform fear into strength, how to achieve AND sustain top performance - if we choose it as our goal.

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Dr. Sofia Beloka is an Executive Performance Consultant, an Academic in Exercise Physiologist Ph.D., Human Behavior and Neuropsychology Mentor. Sofia thrives when she works with global leading companies that desire to optimize performance, resolve conflicts and win negotiations, breakthrough challenges and transform team dynamics. Sofia has been working with high performers, leaders, politicians, elite athletes, coaches & healers to transform their lives for over 20 years. She healed her own autoimmune pathology (esophageal achalasia) using the same methods transforming her personal and professional life and has since gone on to serve leaders experiencing challenges that sabotage their performance in business and in life. Her clients hire her to investigate the pattern that leads them to hit their glass-ceiling keeping them and their teams away from the breakthrough they need in order to create the metamorphosis they long in society and the world. You can find more about Sofia on www.drsofiabeloka.com.



I am the stand for transformation of the EU via new culture of feminine leadership. A Slovak based in the EU capital Brussels, a European policy-maker, Lights on Europe podcast host, founder of several women networks and a career coach of emerging leaders aiming to amplify their impact without selling out on their soul. The light I carry in my name has become my ultimate signature: follow my YouTube channel or podcast Lights on Europe to experience me interviewing guests from behind the scenes of the EU bubble! The best is captured in my book on values guiding careers of leaders in Brussels. Are you also curious to explore how inner alignment work becomes a fuel for outer impact? Connect to collaborate.


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