March 10, 2021

Can you fail in pursuit of your life’s purpose? | Rose Bloomfield for Lights on Europe (1/3)

If Hollywood messes with your identity, if you think the world is your oyster and then crash in desperation… What is the trick to get connected to your inner truth and be brave to start discovering yourself again?


This is the first part of a beautiful conversation with Rose Bloomfield about the path of discovering and living one’s purpose, the challenging pressures that often accompany these conversations and how to stay playful along the way.

As a hybrid of Hollywood branding machinery and Silicon Valley innovations, listen to Rose’s wisdom about:

- Her own experience of discovering one’s life’s calling

- When you feel like your life is one giant failure, how can you reconnect with the inner truth of knowing what is really your own dream?

- As in every hero’s journey, when you hear the call to step into the unknown… how do you take the courageous decision to stay or to go?

- Is there a path towards discovering one’s purpose, or is the purpose all about staying brave on the path?

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1. We know that the talk about life’s purpose can be very overwhelming for all of us. That is why in the SECOND PART of this series, we will deal with exactly that: How to embrace the mystery of pursuing one’s purpose without a risk of burnout or endless anxiety?

2. In the THIRD PART Rose shares her experience of coaching TED speakers and whether world’s business leaders should be sharing more openly about their failure. ... and don't forget to: 1. SUBSCRIBE to this channel if you’re interested to follow my journey, watch my shows, and get inspired by the possibility of a new era of leadership becoming a reality in the EU. 2. LIKE this video and SHARE with your friends 3. Leave your COMMENT below 4. GO TO for more info about what I stand for in the world 5. Reach out if interested to COLLABORATE!


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