April 7, 2021

Eco business - burnout - big stage comeback | Estelle Lovi for Lights on Europe (1/2)

“When you’re unsure about yourself, the worst thing that you can do is to ask for advice outside of self - it will just emphasise your doubts.” How to get out of this trap when you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled and miserable in a career that seems so cool for everybody but not for you?

Listen to this first part of interview with Estelle Lovi:

- Why do we decide to bury the voice of our intuition, and instead end up in “cool” jobs that make us feel miserable?

- How to distinguish critical opportunities that allow us to discover a long-forgotten passion?

- Is it possible to speed up the process of re-discovering one’s truth?

- How to avoid the risk of burnout even once it feels like we’re on a heart-fulfilling path?

The second part will continue digging deeper into Estelle’s motherhood; and her art of public speaking, writing and singing.

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ESTELLE LOVI is an inspiring French-African artist and business consultant. After earning a degree from HEC Paris - top European Business School - and advancing to Regional Director, she felt unfulfilled by what was supposed to be a « dream job » and a « dream life ». In 2017, Lovi decided to quit her successful corporate career and launch her business. A few months later, feeling confused and stuck, she took the biggest decision of her life: follow her intuition… unconditionally. The inner call was astonishing: take the stage. Little by little, Lovi discovered the Art of Heart-centered Creation that she now applies to artistic, business and life creation. Using her professional, personal and spiritual journey as a gateway to help others connect to their inner wisdom and achieve their highest dreams, she creates empowering, life-changing experiences combining art, pioneering teachings and consulting.


I am the stand for transformation of the EU via new culture of feminine leadership. A Slovak based in the EU capital Brussels, a European policy-maker, Lights on Europe podcast host, founder of several women networks and a career coach of emerging leaders aiming to amplify their impact without selling out on their soul. The light I carry in my name has become my ultimate signature: follow my YouTube channel or podcast Lights on Europe to experience me interviewing guests from behind the scenes of the EU bubble! The best is captured in my book on values guiding careers of leaders in Brussels. Are you also curious to explore how inner alignment work becomes a fuel for outer impact? Connect via www.luciaklestincova.eu.


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