March 17, 2021

Sick & tired of endless pressure to find your purpose? | Rose Bloomfield for Lights on Europe (2/3)

What if the pursuit of your purpose gives you more stress than joy? Have you had enough of constantly fighting the system if you try to bring a new style of leadership? Can and should Europeans embrace the American culture of failing fast?

In the first part of my conversation with Rose Bloomfield, she shared about her own journey of discovering her purpose, filled with heart and soul-breaking love relationships, reality shows, dropping out of school and entire career identity. You will see how it translated into her podcast on the intersection of community, technology and ancient wisdom. Watch it here:

In this second part, we dig deeper into the mystery of pursuing one’s purpose without a risk of burnout: - How to avoid the overwhelm on the path of discovering one’s purpose? - What is the best language for this conversation so that individual empowerment can serve as a tool for transformation of large organisations? - As a leader, pioneer, hero bringing a new culture of leadership - how do you know whether it is time to leave or continue pushing through? - What is missing when Europeans try to adopt the American attitude towards failure? Very soon we will release the third part!

Rose shares her experience of coaching TED speakers and whether world’s business leaders should be sharing more openly about their failure. So don’t forget to subscribe to follow this channel not to miss the next episode! ... and don't forget to:

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Rose Bloomfield is an international communication specialist, podcast host and public speaking coach that empowers leaders to spark change on stage and in the boardroom across industries from aerospace to luxury, Fortune 500 companies to government and small startups. Deeply curious and concerned about the future of humankind on earth, she started a podcast in 2020 called Path & Purpose exploring meaning in the modern world through the intersection of technology, community and ancient wisdom. Her greatest learnings come from relationship and conversation, which is why she loves her work as a leadership and communication coach. Check out the podcast here:


I am the stand for transformation of the EU via new culture of feminine leadership. A Slovak based in the EU capital Brussels, a European policy-maker, Lights on Europe podcast host, founder of several women networks and a career coach of emerging leaders aiming to amplify their impact without selling out on their soul. The light I carry in my name has become my ultimate signature: follow my YouTube channel or podcast Lights on Europe to experience me interviewing guests from behind the scenes of the EU bubble! The best is captured in my book on values guiding careers of leaders in Brussels. Are you also curious to explore how inner alignment work becomes a fuel for outer impact? Connect via

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